One of the ‘big four’ of thrash metal, influential band, Anthrax, are about give the audience some blast from the past as the band’s co-founding bassist Dan Lilker is rejoining the band after 40 years.

He will play with the band during the shows in April and May, marking his surprising return to the stage with Anthrax

Lilker will be filling in for current bassist Frank Bello who will miss the upcoming tour due to personal reasons. The reunion includes Anthrax’s South American leg kicking off in mid-April, followed by two festival appearances in the US in May.

Both Anthrax and Lilker expressed their excitement about the temporary reunion. The band is looking forward to jamming with their old bandmate and hyped the upcoming South American shows, mentioning it’s been a long time since they played there.

Referring to his departure back in 1984, Lilker said to a podcast named “Talk Louder” that he was told to stick around in case they (Anthrax) needed him in 40 years – a hilarious coincidence that’s now coming true.

Formed in 1981, Lilker played a key role in Anthrax’s early years, co-writing and performing on their influential debut album “Fistful of Metal” before leaving the band in 1984.

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