MuSophia Top Pick is the Monthly Top Chart of Bangladeshi music. Here is last month’s top pick by Team MuSophia. This top chart is made among the Bangladeshi songs released in October. Have you listened to all these songs? If you haven’t, you should definitely check these out.

10Angsho – Shuru Theke Shesh

The latest track from the band gives a clear message to the newborns out there, the world they are going to see. Wonderfully penned by Mubdiu Hossen, the vocalist Brinto Das Badhon did a good job there. Don’t miss the flute solo in the idle of the song.

9Otolanto – Shunnota

Otolanto has been doing great in making some good music, releasing an entire album a month ago, and a single yet again. This one is a melancholic number, with some psychedelic ambiance, to make this song a perfect number to listen to in a period of heartbreak. Saugata Ghosh Druto did a brilliant job with the words and tune.

8Odd Signature – Amar Dehokhan

This number depicts the words from an individual just before committing suicide. Words penned by their bassist Moontasir Rakib, and sung beautifully by Ahasan Tanvir Piyal. The song has been received well by the listeners.

7Talisman – Gotokale Theke Jao

This is their debut single, the project work mainly consists of two members from the band Shohorbondi, Ahmed Rifat Kabir and Sadman Saquib Pranto, they did really well with their maiden single, totally differentiating their sounds from Shohorbondi. This romantic track is a must-listen.

6Sin of Carnage – Tandob

This is their first single from the EP Vebe Na Vebe. A heavy metal number, gives us hope in the midst of all the injustice and subjection we are facing. The progressive and experimental metal band have been doing a lot of shows over the years, and this is their first EP. So, don’t forget to check out their new album, you would love their sound.

5Joy Shahriar – Hoyto

Very few artists have been productive for over the years, and Joy Shahriar is definitely one of them. He’s been releasing his own tracks over the months and it’s needless to say he’s creating some good music. This latest track is penned and composed by Joy Shahriar himself with Mahan Fahim on guitars. Purely an acoustic guitar track, this romantic number is a must-listen. A female version of the same track featuring Mitu Karmaker was released in February this year, from Aajob Records.

4Ambiguity – Paranoia

This is their second track that has been released quite after a time. The song tells the story of a murderer killing a young woman. The production has been excellent, and the grunge sounds are something different. Ayat Rahman, the vocalist did a good job with the words. Check it out.

3Saik Salekin – Joy Hok

Saik Salekin has been prolific over the years, releasing several of his works within a short span of time. This track, a rock number, gives us hope in the darkest of our times. The audio production is just fantastic, with the instruments intermingling in a way you would love to hear. The animated video with the song makes a perfect match.

2Firoze Zong – Ong Bong Chong

Firoze Zong has been doing excellent music for some period of time. Ong Bong Chong is the second single by the band. Full of catchy rhythms and tune, the vocalist Ratul Sinha did a good job with his artful voice. One amazing fact of the song is that the dark words have been intermingled with a catchy riff and circus-like melody.

1Shohojia and Lalon – Fera

This track is for those who want to get lost in the wilderness and don’t want themselves to be found. When two of the prolific bands meet together, the outcome is expected to be exceptional and this track is just that. A diverse tune with a blend of blues and rock, this track is a must-listen.

MuSophia’s Pick: Top Bangladeshi Songs of October 2020
Featured Image: Tanvir Ahmed Abir
This top chart is made among the Bangladeshi songs released in October. Based on various criteria this selection has been done by Team MuSophia.
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