Introit to Release Debut Single

Rock band Introit, on June 11 evening, is going to release its debut single Je Gaaner Kono Nam Khuje Paini with a music video.The debut music video screening would be followed by the band’s...

Chander Gari visits love with Purono Bus

Purono Bus, the second music video of the Chander Gari begins with a refreshing whistle but ends leaving the audience wondered. The song revisits the moments of love.Released on 14 February, Purono Bus is...
musicians for humanity bangladesh

Musicians for Humanity to arrange Fundraising Concert for Tuhin

Musicians For Life: Concert For Tuhin, a fundraising concert is going to be arranged by Musicians For Humanity on 5th February, at 1:30 pm at the Jamuna Future Park’s Halloween Hall.Shadat Parvez Tuhin, coordinator...

KAAL’s 2nd Music Video to Release

Brishti Bishad, Kaal’s second music video launching will take place on 6th February, 6:30 pm, at Heavy Metal T-shirt outlet of the capital’s Farmgate branch.The title track of the band’s upcoming album, Bristi Bishad...

New Year Begins with UG Blast

Underground concert, Vulgar Congregation took place at the capital’s Jamuna Future Park (JFP). On the first day of new year this metal concert was organized by Calminar Terror.Metalheads from different areas of Dhaka started...

Country’s First Ever Online Music Archive for Ayub Bachchu Unveils

On the second death anniversary of guitar maestro Ayub Bachchu, Bangladesh Copyright Office unveiled the first-ever digital archive on music. The event took place on 18 October evening at the Bangladesh Copyright Office conference...

পারস্পারিক শ্রদ্ধার জায়গা বজায় রেখে মেঘদল থেকে শোয়েবের বিদায়

ব্যান্ড মেঘদলের গিটারিস্ট রাশিদ শরীফ শোয়েব তিন মাস আগে ব্যান্ড ছেড়েছেন, সোমবার (৩১ আগস্ট) সকলের উদ্দেশ্যে এ ঘোষণা দেন। মেঘদলের পক্ষ থেকে কোনো আনুষ্ঠানিক ঘোষণা না আসলেও, নিশ্চিত হওয়া যায় ব্যান্ডের অন্যতম প্রতিষ্ঠাতা ও...

National Award Winning Music Director Alauddin Ali Passed Away at 67

Alauddin Ali, national award winning composer and music director breathed his last on this afternoon at 5:30 pm in Dhaka's Universal Medical College Hospital, reports the Daily Star.  He was 67 years old.Dr Ashish...
Seylon Melodies Lyric Contest

Non-professionals’ Lyric Contest Reward Tk 2.5 Lac

Seylon Tea Bangladesh arranges lyric contest called Seylon Melodies, on love ballad for newbie lyricists. The top ten lyrics to be rewarded Tk 2.5 lac.Seylon Melodies will make music arrangements and create music videos...

COVID-19 Fundraising Concert for Bangladeshis

Global fundraising online concert series Swapner Daak: Unite in Tune, starts tonight at 8pm. This initiative of Bangladeshis in Australia is arranged by Australian non-profit organisation LISTEN FOR INC in partnership with Asiatic EXP...

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