Release Register: April 2022

New Bangla songs of April 2022

Release Register is a monthly segment that enlists all the latest released songs/albums and enables the audience to explore those.

Check this list to know the latest releases for the month of April. This chart contains a monthly update of almost all the releases, accordingly.

Click on the song title to listen to your favorite one from the chart. You can tell us about your favorite song in the comment section. You can also inform us which songs are not on the list.

NB: If you are a musician or have a band, mail us about your upcoming single or album. Mail us with the subject ‘Release Register’ and it will be included in our next Release Register chart.

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This chart includes 6 singles released in April 2022–

SerialDateBand/ArtistSong/Album TitleSingle/album
Shobuj (THE GREEN SONG)Single
Blue Touch Bangladesh
কাক ও কোকিলের বৃষ্টি আহ্বানSingle
Buka Buka (Maati Geeti)Single
Bhoy Single

MuSophia Release Register April 2022 | Spotify playlist

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MuSophia Release Register April 2022 | YouTube playlist

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Info Gathering and Compilation: MuSophia IRC Team
Banner: Tanvir Ahmed Abir
Chart Update and Maintenance: Abdur Rakib started documenting Bangladeshi music in a register-like format back in 2020 when all the live concerts, album launching events, and public gatherings were prohibited due to the Covid-19 outbreak, causing the industry to stand static.

Team MuSophia’s research section keeps developing this segment at the back-end to document and promote Bangladeshi music in a different approach to the world.