Release Register : April 2020

Check this list to know the latest releases for the month of April. This register includes a monthly update of almost all the releases, accordingly. Click on the song titles to listen to your favorite one from the chart. You can leave a review of your favorite song in the comment section. You can also tell us which songs are not on the list.

NB: If you are a musician or have a band, you can tell us about your upcoming single or album too. Mail us here with the subject ‘Upcoming Single/Album and it will be included in our next Release Register chart.

This chart includes 21 songs released in April

SerialDateBand/ArtistSong/Album TitleSingle/Album
1April 2MetricalHarano AmiSingle
2April 2UnspecifiedNoropashobikotaSingle
3April 3Drockstar ShuvoOffbeatSingle
4April 05Rimon ChowdhuryAttopokkhoSingle
5April 11Seventh SignRongin ObhoyaronnoSingle
6April 14ShironamhinCafeteria PeriyeSingle
7April 15Bangla FiveJuddhoSingle
8April 17Nawabs Of DestructionAlbum- Rising VengeanceAlbum
9April 18Rokon EmonAmi Quarantin ESingle
10April 20Circus PoliceBharshammoSingle
11April 21Odd SignatureTumio ParoSingle
12April 22ArcadeGolokdhadhaSingle
13April 22NaamhinAlo AshbeiSingle
14April 23ThunderLegacySingle
15April 23Petty Never Grewভোর (Bhor)Single
16April 24MondroMaddhya NishutikalSingle
17April 24HomicideMinotaur UnleashedAlbum
18April 25Avishek Das Aviজীবন ছায়াছবিSingle
19April 26False CassetteSound of Two-FourSingle
20April 27ChirkuttTribute to HumansSingle
21April 30KarnivalMohomukti Album

Info Gathering and Compilation: Prantik Sikdar Ucchas
Banner: Tanvir Ahmed Abir
Chart Update and Maintenance: Abdur Rakib


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