A platform of Bangladeshi musicians, Artists Against Genocide, is going to raise awareness and donations for the devastated people of the under-attack Gaza.

A benefit concert called “To Gaza from Dhaka” is going to be arranged by this platform at Dhaka University’s central field on November 24.

According to Ahmed Hasan Sunny, one of the initiators of this benefit concert, at least 15 bands and musicians, including Maqsood O’ Dhaka, Zohad Reza Chowdhury of Nemesis, Karnival, Masha Islam, rapper Shafayat and Aseer Arman will perform at this concert. More bands and artists will be announced in a few days.

All the proceeds from this concert will be used to aid the people of Gaza – that’s why bands and performers will be participating in this concert without receiving any compensation.

Ticket price will be Tk 500 and people will also be able to send any amount of donations. More details regarding the concert are yet to be announced.

For greater awareness, next week, cartoonist Morshed Mishu will make graffiti with the messages across the city.

Earlier, Mishu made a social media post alerting the audience to avoid disinformation regarding the initiative from various sources and to follow authentic information from Artists Against Genocide, which includes Ahmed Hasan Sunny, Morshed Mishu, and art director Ranjan Rabbani as its spokespersons.

Featured Image: Tanvir Ahmed Abir/MuSophia 
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