Release Register : July 2020

Release Register July 2020Release Register is a monthly segment that enlists all the latest released songs/albums and enables the audience to explore those.

Check this list to know the latest releases for the month of July. This chart contains a monthly update of almost all the releases, accordingly. Click on the song titles to listen to your favorite one from the chart. You can leave a review of your favorite song in the comment section. You can also tell us which songs are not on the list.

NB: If you are a musician or have a band, you can tell us about your upcoming single or album too. Mail us with the subject ‘Upcoming Single/Album and it will be included in our next Release Register chart.

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This chart includes more than 30 songs and an album released in July 2020 –

SerialDateBand/ArtistSong /Album TitleSingle/Album
1July 1Fulbanu's RevengeEk TaaneSingle
2July 3Rudra and FriendsNotun PrithibiSingle
3July 4Borno ChakrobortyKache Ashar GolpoSingle
4July 5ChirkuttAalor GaanSingle
5July 8VirtuadObaddho AaloSingle
6July 9Montobbo NishproyojonBondi ShovvotaSingle
7July 9Habib WahidBondhu ReySingle
8July 9Joy Shahriar Feat. Bappa MazumderJokhon Ichchhe TomarSingle
9July 9Rage Of SamaelOf AdmonishmentSingle
10July 10ObliqueAsshashonSingle
11July 10XenocrysTMental AsylumSingle
12July 10TanjirAr Ekti BarSingle
13July 15SmoochesDisco In The DarkSingle
14July 16Another Ominous FallEarthed RegretsSingle
15July 16Ekram WasiHaletantInstrumental
16July 16Joy ShahriarKaakbhejaSingle
17July 17Tarun BandAynaSingle
18July 23RevolutusNotun ShurjoSingle
19July 24HeadlineTake It EasySingle
20July 24Sector 2.0MohoSingle
21July 25Embers In SnowSolsticeAlbum
22July 27The RoadsEkdinSingle
23July 28Nazim Uddin ZahedRedolence & shine Instrumental
24July 29Khayam Sanu SandhiBrishtyr SchoolSingle
25July 30Shrapnel MethodMukti, ShobtukuiSingle
26July 30Joy ShahriarNiyotiSingle
27July 30ChirkuttBhoot ShamlaoSingle
28July 30Habib Wahid Feat MarushaDishehara Mon
29July 31OrfredJaflongSingle
30July 31ChirkuttBeche Achi Ei BeshiSingle
31July 31CondropithPunor JonmoSingle
32July 31Biggapon BirotiBabylon Nogori

Info Gathering and Compilation: Prantik Sikdar Ucchas
Banner: Tanvir Ahmed Abir
Chart Update and Maintenance: Abdur Rakib


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