Release Register : October 2020

Release Register October 2020

Release Register is a monthly segment that enlists all the latest released songs/albums and enables the audience to explore those.

Check this list to know the latest releases for the month of October. This chart contains a monthly update of almost all the releases, accordingly. Click on the song titles to listen to your favorite one from the chart. You can leave a review of your favorite song in the comment section. You can also tell us which songs are not on the list.

NB: If you are a musician or have a band, you can tell us about your upcoming single or album. Mail us with the subject ‘Release Register’ and it will be included in our next Release Register chart.

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This chart includes 23 singles and an album released in October 2020

SerialDateBand/ArtistSong/Album TitleSingle/Album
22-OctEF - Ending Face ArtochitkarSingle
33-OctShaik SalekinJoy HokSingle
55-OctD-SharpFire CholoSingle
66-OctJoy ShahriarAdhek ShopneSingle
78-OctTalismanGotokale theke jaoSingle
89-OctOjantrikThakte Debe NaSingle
99-OctIftekhar Khan IkaOut Of GravitySingle
109-OctAshesNijer JonnoSingle
1111-OctFiroze JongOng Bong ChhongSingle
1322-OctShohojia & Band LalonFeraSingle
1423-OctCanvas ProttabortonSingle
1523-OctSin of Carnage BDVebe Na VebeAlbum
1623-OctThe Perfect CriminalsTomar JonnoSingle
1723-OctMeghdut AliAtmar BikriSingle
1823-OctSamit ManzoorShudhu Tui Single
1924-OctJoy ShahriarHoytoSingle
2025-OctOdd SignatureAmar DehokhanSingle
2125-OctBeats of Dream OstittoSingle
2229-OctAngshoShuru Theke SheshSingle
2330-OctMy Last DecemberKhushir KannaSingle
2431-OctOld Witch CemeteryMistress NightmareSingle

Info Gathering and Compilation: Prantik Sikdar Ucchas
Banner: Tanvir Ahmed Abir
Chart Update and Maintenance: Abdur Rakib


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