Team MuSophia met Nafeez Al Amin at the launching of the mixed album Oporajeyo. It is the first campus-based bands’ mixed album in Bangladesh. The team had little chit-chat with him there.

Check this video to know what Nafeez Al Amin said

Nafeez Al Amin is a passionate drummer who has been playing for more than 15 years. He is widely known as the drummer of Arbovirus. This year he got endorsed by renowned US based music company, Soultone Cymbals, as one of their featured artistes which made him the first Bangladeshi drummer to be endorsed by an international company. He doesn’t only play drums but make those too. While working on his own drum-making initiative he turned himself into a master carpenter.

Nafeez founded Beshi Joss Drums in 2015. It is the first ever stave shell (for drumkits only) making company of Bangladesh. According to him, it was a personal initiative which he started at the rooftop of his home. He said to The Daily Star, “I was not happy with what (drum) I bought here and the ones that I would bring from abroad were just too expensive. So, I thought to myself, why not just start building sets here on my rooftop?”

Apart from his passion in music he has interest in automobile too. He loves his car and is crazy about cars and gears. He is not a student neither a teacher of automobile yet for his interest and knowledge in this field he was invited by BUET to conduct sessions regarding automobile engines.

Nafeez has always been an energetic beast on stage with the band. But he happens to be a cool teacher as he delivers lectures in the class. Yes, he is in teaching profession too. Since 2016 he is teaching as an assistant professor of marketing at Daffodil International University.

Nafeez Al Amin is not only an inspiration in music or automobile but in academia too, and that’s what makes him Beshi Joss!!

Featured Image © Rajeev Hasan
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