In June of last year, vocalist Sufi Maverick departed from Arbovirus band with the announcement “I resigned from my band for personal reasons”.
On Wednesday morning, a post from the band’s Facebook page said, “Sufi is back”!
The post being shared by previous members, drummer Nafeez Al Amin and bassist Aldnane Alam, raised tensions high among the fans of Arbovirus.
Many of those who assumed that the band was just going with the flow, as most of the members have remained abroad, were now caught up in doubt.

What Arbovirus post said about Sufi

At around 8 am, a post from the official Facebook page of Arbovirus said, “A band is not a single person’s vanity project. Sufi is back, and he will explain why he felt the need to leave the band. The others never left, and the misinformation being spread will soon be addressed. Stay tuned (and stay #infected).”
The post soon went viral with diverse reactions from fans. Some were happy, some were in doubt about the unity of the band, and the rest being confused, tried to connect the dots—why drummer Nafeez Al Amin and bassist Aldnane Alam shared the same post.

arbovirus band post
Post from Arbovirus Facebook page; Photo: courtesy

What Arbovirus band members saying

In a news report of The Daily Star, Suharto Sherif, guitarist of Arbovirus, claimed that both his Facebook account and the band page were hacked and that they were trying to recover those as soon as possible.
He further clarified that the post was not done by the band and that he hadn’t heard anything from Sufi about getting back in the band.
On the other hand, Sufi, on vacation at his home in Rajshahi, was clueless about the actual situation. He however said that some disinformation was being spread about the band’s Facebook page being hacked.
He added that previous band members were removed from the page and didn’t have accessibility anymore.
Though he didn’t mention anything about his returning to the band, he confirmed that the previous members of the band would soon issue a press release explaining all the unethical deeds going on in the band.
At night Sufi himself and three ‘core members’ of the band Asif Asgar Ranjan, Nafeez, and Aldnane made the same post that said, “No, the page wasn’t hacked!! And yes, Sufi is indeed back. And the rest of the core members (ranjan, nafeez, and, aldnane) never left the band. We are all determined to continue making the music that the fans of Arbovirus liked. We will clear our stance in future posts and inform the fans of all the details they deserve to know.”

arbovirus band
Posts by the ‘core members’ of Arbovirus; Photo: courtesy

Who gave the statement from Arbovirus band page

While the fans remained confused about what was happening in the band, none of the band members actually disclosed who posted such a statement from the band page or what it actually meant.
Almost eight hours later, at around 4 pm, the post was removed from the band’s Facebook page.
In the meantime, many fans have made their own interpretation and did go into a delusion, hoping everything would be another Arbovirus gimmick.
And those expecting an official explanation of the situation had to be disappointed, as no statements were made in this regard from the band after the removal of the post.
All the fans are now looking forward to the much anticipated press release!

arbovirus band
Current members of Arbovirus: Photo: Chowdhury Sifat
Featured Image © Rajeev Hasan
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