indalo band bangladesh

MuSophia Interview: Indalo

Ever imagined Jon as a journalist, Zubair a carrom champion, Bart a corporate guy and Farhan a wicket-keeper? Well, they'd probably be so if they weren't musicians.Find such interesting facts and thoughts of the...

Interview in Quarantine: Messianic Era

Formed in 2011 Messianic Era (ME) is a progressive metal band from Dhaka with Navid Ehsan on vocal and guitar, Tahmid Rahman on guitar, Rafeed Redwan Roktim on bass guitar and Sk Rafayyat Jim...
Kaal Band Bangladesh

Brishti Bishad: Kaal’s Nostalgia Ride

“My younger brother was listening to this song. I was just walking by when I heard it for the first time. Now I've heard it more than 5 times already, and I must say,...

Daughter: A Beautiful Phase of Melancholy

She was a genius of sadness, immersing herself in it, separating its numerous strands, appreciating its subtle nuances. She was a prism through which sadness could be divided into its infinite spectrum.− Jonathan Safran...
lrb band

Because Forever Love Runs Blind

 “Ami koshto pete bhalobashi, tai tomar kache chute ashi”“Hashte dekho, gaite dekho…..dekho na keu hashi’r shesh’ey nirobota”“Shei tumi keno eto ochena holey...tumi keno bojho na tomake chara ami oshohaye….”“Ei Rupali Guitar feley ekdin chole...

Interview in Quarantine: Dads In The Park

Last week they have released their third single called Afeenolove. Dads in the Park (DITP), a rock duo from Dhaka formed in 2018, has been quite favourite to many. In this interview get to...

Interview in Quarantine: KAAL

Kaal is a rising band from Dhaka University band scenario. From the beginning they have focused on their compositions and have always performed their own tracks. Having a number of compositions they have released...

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