“My younger brother was listening to this song. I was just walking by when I heard it for the first time. Now I’ve heard it more than 5 times already, and I must say, this is one of the best Bangla songs I’ve heard this year”, wrote Tanmoy Krishna Das.

At midnight’s 3 o’clock with a cigarette in hand and this song in headphones, I’m badly caught up by nostalgia, commented Nur Hossain Noyon.

More than hundred such comments are found on Kaal’s YouTube channel as the band released its second music video Brishti Bishad last month.

Since the release, the song is being appreciated by musicians and audiences of different genres.

This soothing number with begins fingerpicking on the guitar that continues throughout the song. A differently toned solo in the background has been a wonder for many. This song interestingly does not have any bass or drums used in it.

There comes a moment in life when you want to walk in a lovely monsoon with your love. But not always the person stays with you. What remains are the memories that make you feel nostalgic, revived, or sometimes pain-stricken.

Brishti Bishad reminds you of those moments forever gone but you still cherish. With a poetic lyrical representation of the theme, an artistic video has accompanied the song.

Brishti Bishad

Brishti Bishad is the title track of Kaal’s upcoming debut album. The song has been penned as well as tuned by the vocalist of the band Himadri. The track was initially written on 14th April 2018 when he was a BSc student at the University of Dhaka (DU). Though this song was to be released in April 2020 but was delayed for the pandemic.

Recorded in Noizemine Studio, the song has been mix-mastered by Shafiqul Islam.

Brishti Bishad music video has been appreciated for its conceptualization in a simplistic manner. But it was never an easy task for the band. After the final edit for the music video was done the band had to start from scratch again. The video somehow didn’t sync with the theme of the song. “We had to shoot again and remake the video for a second time”, said Fahim the drummer of the band

From their experience of debut music video Kritoggota, this time Kaal focused more on song theme minimizing the video budget, keeping Brishti Bishad as simple as possible. The music video was filmed in DU and nearby areas but the well-planned shot division has brought variety to it.

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Brishti Bishad is done on the screenplay and direction of Saidy Hasan Rabby who is still an undergrad student at the University of Dhaka. Cinematographed by Mostakin Hossain Chowdhury, Tarek Mezbah was the art director in this production where the light design was done by Aranya Kashyap. Khairul Basar and Supti Saha were cast in the video. With Kaal, it was the second work of Basar, a rising young actor. On the other hand, it was the very first music video experience of Supti Saha.

Official t-shirt of was Kaal launched along with the release Brishti Bishad
Official t-shirt of Kaal was launched along with the release of Brishti Bishad. Photo: Imran Hossain


Kaal is a Dhaka University-based band formed in 2017. Bapon, the vocalist of the band, had a long-cherished dream of creating a band and he chose the name back then. At that time Bapon was involved with another band where he met Dip. Soon after leaving that band, Bapon started thinking about lining up his own band. He met Badhon who he agreed to take the bass. Dip was on the rhythm guitar back then. Kaal’s first practice session took place on 24th April 2017. Bapon on vocal and guitar, Badhon on bass, Dip on rhythm guitar, and Jony on drums.

In the first two sessions, Kaal composed ‘Pathor Chapa Smriti’ and in the next two sessions ‘Chhaya’. But Jonny had to leave the band for his personal issues. And because of the other members’ personal works and stuff, the dream-band didn’t progress much. Everything got delayed for a while but the dream was still alive.

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In November 2018, Bapon met Imran. Coming back to Dhaka from Chittagong, the vibe went so well that they finished composing 12 songs in just a matter of time. Then Badhon came back on bass guitar, Imran Hossain joined as the manager. Kaal had its first live at an acoustic session on Radio Dhol. On Kaal’s first outdoor live show in Manikganj, Moshiur was on the Drums. Shuvo joined as the event manager since that show. Then Imran (lead guitarist) introduced Fahim to the band. Fahim happened to be his ex-bandmate who is a drummer. After practicing for a while with the band, he finally joined Kaal. Dip took up the bass guitar then. Two months prior to studio recording, Badhon left the band. Then Kaal recorded the first song ‘Kritoggota’ having Dipankar on bass guitar and Joy on Keyboard. After releasing ‘Kritoggota’ Dip joined as the permanent bassist.

The band’s debut track Kritoggota was released last year in January. The current lineup of the band includes- Himadri Bapon (vocal n guitar), Imran Khan (guitar n back vocals), Mahtab Dip (Bass), Mohammad Fahim (drums), and Ali Akber Shuvo (manager).

Featured Image: Imran Hossain
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