Rolling Stone Drummer Charlie Watts

Top 10 tracks of Charlie Watts; the man who shaped Rock ’n Roll

Drummer Charlie Watts He’s not a flashy drummer at all, he never played any magnum opus drum solo in the middle of the song like John Bonham. Had not been full of versatility like Keith...
Kaal Band Bangladesh

Brishti Bishad: Kaal’s Nostalgia Ride

“My younger brother was listening to this song. I was just walking by when I heard it for the first time. Now I've heard it more than 5 times already, and I must say,...
Top Bangladeshi Songs June

MuSophia’s Pick: Top Bangladeshi Songs June 2020

MuSophia Top Pick is the Monthly Top Chart of Bangladeshi music. Here is last month’s top pick by Team MuSophia. This top chart is made among the Bangladeshi song releases in June. Have you...
MuSophia Top Picks May 2020

MuSophia’s Pick: Top Bangladeshi Songs May 2020

Here is last month’s top pick by Team MuSophia. These songs have selected among the releases in May. Have you listened to all these songs? If you haven’t, you should definitely check these out. Meghdol...

George Huq’s Quarantine Playlist and the Memories Captured in Them

Georgina Huq is the first female drummer of Bangladesh. In 1972, at the age of 16, she had her debut performance. It was the celebration of the first anniversary of the independence of Bangladesh...

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