Messianic Era on Friday evening released single track Punorupantor on the band’s YouTube channel. A release event was also arranged at Heavy Metal T-shirt outlet in the capital’s Farmgate area.

Punorupantor is the orchestral version of the song Rupantor which was released last year in the band’s self-titled debut album Messianic Era. Navid Ehsan, vocalist of the band said, this version of the song actually came out of the blue.

“We were planning to make an acoustic version of Rupantor for unplugged shows. We planned to make an arrangement over piano and guitar only. We never thought of an orchestral version. It was Tapesh who made such a cinematic music arrangement,” he said.

Tapash Chakraborty who made the entire music arrangement of Punorupantor said that he wanted to come up with an arrangement that would complement the story of the song with a fantasy vibe.

Band Messianic Era | Photo: Messianic Era

Along with Tapash Chakraborty from Revolūtus, this orchestral version features Samin Yasar from Firoze Jong and Highway.

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The lyrics of this song have been written by Akhlaku Rahman. The song speaks of the journey of a man turning into a werewolf — the transformation, the process, pain and emotions within.

Messianic Era received a good response from the audience during the pre-sale campaign of the single. People seemed quite interested to support the band buying high-quality audio of the track, the band said. Though the single has been released on YouTube, people who want to support the band can still buy its high-quality audio. They can contact the band’s Facebook page.

Messianic Era’s new t-shirt featuring Punorupantor was also lunched at the event.

Messianic Era's t-shirt
Messianic Era’s t-shirt (featuring Punorupantor)  | Photo: Messianic Era

Formed in 2011 Messianic Era is a progressive metal band from Dhaka, Bangladesh.
The members of the band are — Navid Ehsan on vocal and guitar, Tahmid Rahman on guitar, Rafeed Redwan Roktim on bass guitar and Sk Rafayyat Jim on drums.

Though the band has been in the scene for a decade now, their self-titled debut album was released last year. With massive response over the debut album, the band sold out almost all the hardcopies (CD).

Many have referred the band’s modern prog approach to the album’s sound designing and mixing as the beginning of the Messianic Era in Bangladeshi music scene.

Images: Messianic Era
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