MuSophia Top Pick is the Monthly Top Chart of Bangladeshi music. Here is last month’s top pick by Team MuSophia. This top chart is made among the Bangladeshi song releases in June. Have you listened to all these songs? If you haven’t, you should definitely check these out.

10Chander Gari – Jonak Pakhi

Anti-suicidal song Jonak Pakhi (Firefly) picks the tenth in June’s Top Pick. The song composed by the band Chander Gari reflects the suicidal rambling of people in their darkest days. With the music video echoes their words in the song. The bluesy tune and the groovy drumming accompany the words pretty well.

Sometimes people choose to quit living out of depression and dismay. Taking such a wrong step is never a solution. Standing by them with psychological support can save their lives. The song shows the light of hope to the people giving them the message that success can be gained by trying rather than giving up.

This song was released on 15th June, a day after the suicidal death of Indian actor Sushant Singh Rajput. However, the band remembers Kurt Cobain, Zeheen Ahmed, Chris Cornell, and Chester Bennington at the end of the music video.

9Ember – Amader Gaan

This compact yet simple composition will trigger your juvenescence yet again in this grim time. From lyrics to mastering, all the stuff of this song has been done by the members of the band Ember, thus they titled the song Amader Gaan (Our Song).

8JOGOT – Frantic Abstraction

Jogot band has been doing good stuff in djent composition. Vocalist and lyricist Olindo, shows his vocal prowess with strong instrumental backup, with the lyrics and the accents has been up to the mark, making them one of the tops in the business.

7Owned – Omor

Owned is back in the business with a bang. Their latest release Omor, will make people remember them for the music video, if not for the composition or the lyrics. Previously VFX was a trendsetter in music video production, which was popularized by the music video of Nemesis, Kobe. But now it seems character animation video is going to set the newer trend in Bangladesh music scene. The music video is full of popular culture reference as Elon Musk (inspirational figure behind the portrayal of Iron Man), Tarantino, or hitman, this one is high budget one. Surely a compact composition by the quartet, (Check out the drumming by A.K Samee) with mediocre lyrics but with a whole new music video picks up among the top ten of June.

6Bay of Bengal – Bishonnotar Gaan

Modern life with its rat race, this lockdown, and the uncertainty hovering over our future is taking a toll on our lives, with some people deciding suicide as a possible solution. Bay of Bengal thus decided it to be the best time for releasing the song that indicates the importance of venting the dismay and frustration hidden inside the human soul. Its lyrics penned by BOB frontman, Bakhtiar Hossain, echoes the psychic pain and war with the self-representing an anti suicidal theme of the song. The lyrics along with the melancholic melody and Bakhtiar’s beautiful voice reconcile with the title of the song.

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5Bokrorekha – Jibon Tomake Chene Na

A reggae composition by the band Bokro Rekha, written by the former frontman of the band MonoShoroni, Muiz Mahfuz, is a must-listen for its simplistic lyrics and composition, yet so realistic in the sense that it resonates our everyday life dilemma and struggles in the simplest possible manner. The music video is something to check out, even at this age of high budget music videos with all those effects and unnecessary drone shots, this one is so simple, yet artistic, reconciling with the theme of the song.

4Indalo – Nei Proyojon (A Warfaze Original)

Very few cover songs can surpass the original one with its signature tune and composition (think of The Byrds composition of the Dylan songs). Indalo has been prolific in their song making and has dared to pay a tribute to the legendary song by Warfaze, which is to be included in their yet to be released album Notun Khame Purono Chithi. Check out the drumming, distinct with its tune and style, gave the song the indie feel.

3Rakat Zami – Oshomoy (feat. Jon Kabir) – Oshomoy

Composed by Rakat Zami, sang by Jon Kabir, this song is a whole new experience to your ear. A synth composition, filled with ambiance, is to be included in Nuhash Humayun’s next telefilm. This is the first time Jon Kabir got into synth music.

2Mehdi Feat. Mizan  – Juddher Golpo

Of all the renowned musicians of Bangladesh, Mizan, former frontman of the band Warfaze seems most productive. He’s been gifting us with songs each month. This one Juddher Golpo, is the latest track he made in the month of June. His vocal prowess along with Mehdi’s fine-tune marks this song as the top pick of June.

1Bappa Mazumder – Bohudin Por

Bappa Mazumder remade his solo track Bohudin Por. It was originally released back in 2014, in his solo album Dhulo Pora Chithi by Sangeeta. This new version has been released with a music video. A melodious tune, filled with melancholy, is one of the tunes he created in the last month, along with the other one Lockdown Dhaka. This one is unique for its simple yet wonderful lyrics, mingling with the charismatic voice of Bappa.

Featured Image: Tanvir Ahmed Abir
This top chart is made among the Bangladeshi songs released in June. Based on various criteria this selection has been done by Team MuSophia.
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