Band Chander Gari releases its debut single Jonak Pakhi on 15 June. This song discouraging suicide and speaking of hope is premiered on the band’s YouTube channel.

Sometimes people choose to quit living out of depression and dismay. Taking such wrong step is never a solution. Standing by them with psychological support can save their lives. The song shows the light of hope to these people giving them the message that success can be gained by trying rather than giving up.

Jonak Pakhi by Chander Gari band

Vocalist Shahed says about their debut track, “We are against suicide. The purpose of this song is to enlighten the hopeless people about new possibilities and to inspire them to survive. And this made us come up with the plot.” Jonak Pakhi is written by Rudroneel Ahmed, tuned by Shahed Nazir Hades and composed by Khandkar Nazmus Sakib Dipto. Audio production is done at NOIZEMINE studio and mix-mastered by Shafiq. Khandkar Nazmus Sakib Dipto came up with the music video concept which was directed by Shahed Nazir Hades. It’s filmed by Farhanur Rahman and edited by Farhanur Rahman. Arman Ahmed Jisan worked on animation and color grading.

The band Chander Gari began its journey in 2012 from Dhaka. Alongside regular performances, the members started working on the band’s own composition since 2017. The current members of the band are Shahed Nazir Hades (vocal and guitar), Nazmus Sakib Dipto (lead guitar), Waiz Qarni Sabbir (drums), Mehedi Hasan Shahed (bass guitar).

Images: Chander Gari
This report is about the debut release of the band Chander Gari from Dhaka.
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