Bangladeshi band Arbovirus is going to release their second single, “Obastob” from their upcoming fourth studio album “Republic of Arbovirus”, on Sunday.

According to Suharto Sherif, guitarist of the band, following the single release on Sunday, a post-release concert will be arranged at Dhaka University’s TSC on June 3.

“Obastob” is themed on the self-realisation of a man. Sherif said, “Most of the Arbovirus songs depict different phases and situations of human life. This single tells about the self-realisation of an individual.”

The song is written by Zahidul Haque Apu and produced by Suharto Sherif. It is recorded and mix-mastered at Arbovirus HQ.

Promotional visual of “Obastob”; Image: Arbovirus

The visual aesthetics of this song have been well maintained by the sixth member of the band, creative director Asif Iqbal Antu (AIA Lemonsky), with a graphical music video.

The neon colours blended visual inspired by the sculpture of anti-terrorism Raju Memorial, was released from the band’s social media page and already received a good response from the fans. It has also increased their interest in the final music video. Tawhid Ahmed, a student from Dhaka University, said that he was very excited to watch the music video as his favourite band is using one of the sculptures that he comes across every day at TSC.

The first single, “Anubhuti”, from the upcoming album was released in March, this year.

After the release of the second single, the band plans to release eight more singles with music video or visuals, one every month till January next year.

“Obastob” music video will be available on YouTube and audio on Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes and other music streaming platforms.

Featured Image: Arbovirus 
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