One of the four thrash metal bands that changed the history of heavy metal music forever, is Megadeth. The band was formed in 1983 by guitarist and vocalist Dave Mustaine and bassist David Ellefson. Over the decades, beyond the ups and downs, the band still raises hell on stage and is considered one of the most successful and influential thrash metal bands of all times.

Megadeth band members
Megadeth band members; Image: 5bam-Management

In this write-up we wanted to gather some of the quick and interesting facts about Megadeth which you might not know –

  1. Before forming Megadeth, Dave Mustaine, mainman of the band, was a member of Metallica. He was removed from the band for over-drinking.
  2. It is said that Dave Mustaine was in fact a co-founder of Metallica.
  3. Co-founder and bassist David Ellefson, was fired from Megadeth in 2021 over a scandal that involved sexually explicit videos and messages sent to an underage girl.
  4. Due to Mustaine suffering nerve damage in his arm, Megadeth disbanded in 2002. But after his recovery the band reunited in 2004 and have released several albums to date.
  5. While many might think Dave Mustaine as atheist, he actually is a born-again Christian and feels a personal relationship with God and Christ but doesn’t believe in religion as a social construct.
  6. In spite of beings nominated for 14 Grammy Awards Megadeth only won one. In 2017 the band was awarded as Best Metal Performance for their song “Dystopia.”
  7. Besides thrash metal music Mustaine happens to be a wine lover and owns his line of wines called Mustaine Vineyards.
  8. Over the years there Megadeth had several lineup changes but only the consistent member has been Mustaine.
  9. The idea for the title ‘Rust in Peace’ was inspired by a car bumper sticker that read “May all your warheads rust in peace.”
  10. A riot between Catholic and Protestant audience was evoked by Megadeth’s song “This one’s for the cause!” The controversial lyrics were misinterpreted leaving the band in a complicated situation.
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