Purono Bus, the second music video of the Chander Gari begins with a refreshing whistle but ends leaving the audience wondered. The song revisits the moments of love.

Released on 14 February, Purono Bus is to be followed by Batighor, Nikhilesh, and Shunnota, three sequeals telling a complete story. Shahed Nazir Hades, the vocalist of the band said to MuSophia, the song was recorded in 2018. We wanted to film the music video last year but we had to delay due to the pandemic.

The music video is now available on Chander Gari’s YouTube channel.

Members of Chander Gari (Purono Bus)
Members of Chander Gari. Dipto, Shahed, Sabbir, and Mehedi (from the left).

This song was penned in a very different manner. Md Mohaiminul Islam Bappy walked in the streets of Khulna at midnight and came up with the lyrics. Later it was tuned by Shahed Nazir Hades, composed by Khandakar Nazmus Sakib Dipto, and mix-mastered by Shafiq at Noizemine studio. Shariar Hisam and Yeasir Arafat Kakon, former members of the band, also contributed to this song. Oishe Ahmed, Md Mohaiminul Islam Bappy, and the members of the band appeared at the music video, filmed mostly at Jahangirnagar University.

The song is produced by Roosters Chicken Piri Piri and Frantic phenom studios.

Chander Gari is to release the sequel of Jonak Pakhi and their third single, Samadhan, this year in June.

The band released its debut music video, Jonak Pakhi last year in June. Chander Gari band began its journey in 2012 from Dhaka, Bangladesh. Alongside regular performances, the members started working on the band’s own composition in 2017. The current members of the band are Shahed Nazir Hades (vocal and guitar), Nazmus Sakib Dipto (lead guitar), Waiz Qarni Sabbir (drums), Mehedi Hasan Shahed (bass guitar).

Photos: Chander Gari
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