Underground concert, Vulgar Congregation took place at the capital’s Jamuna Future Park (JFP). On the first day of new year this metal concert was organized by Calminar Terror.

Metalheads from different areas of Dhaka started gathering at the venue from 1 PM on Friday. At around 3 PM the concert started with the performance of Deviant Malice. The concert was full of metal madness. Audience were seen moshing and banging their heads. Though the venue was a bit small for metal gigs but it was satisfying for many at least to have one amid pandemic.

Mehedi Hasan Akash, a Radio Carnival RJ came all the way from Gazipur to enjoy the concert. To him it felt happier than Eid, seeing all the bands performing again after months. For many it was their first concert after nine long months since the lockdown started in March. Suman Costa, a JFP staff says, concerts were pretty frequent at this venue before pandemic.

Members of Calminar Terror, the organizers, have been trying to launch this concert since last year’s March. They had to cancel multiple dates as situation was not suitable enough. It was satisfying for them that it finally happened. Now, they wish to continue it as a series for which they need the sponsors to come forward.

Eternal Armageddon, Thrash, Torture Goregrinder, ChronicleS, Invochaos, Goddamn, Deviant Malice – all these bands performed their original compositions at the concert.

Among the bands Thrash was supposed to play at the regional battle of Wacken in Banglalore, India, last year. Due to pandemic the event has become uncertain. But Thrash is working new tracks. At yesterday’s gig they were seen performing one of their unreleased tracks.

Vocalist of the band Heevklaw, Mathews who happens to be a music blogger by passion was seen at the venue interacting with the audience and bands. He believes, it’s important to support and promote such arrangements which is why he picked up the pen of his own accord.


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This report informs about the first Bangladeshi underground concert of the new decade.
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