MuSophia Top Pick is the Monthly Top Chart of Bangladeshi music. Here is last month’s top pick by Team MuSophia. This top chart is made among the Bangladeshi songs released in December. Have you listened to all these songs? If you haven’t, you should definitely check these out.

12Alo – Tanzir Tuhin feat. Prince Mahmud

This is the first time Tanzir Tuhin, vocalist of the band Avash, is working on a collab with the legendary Prince Mahmud. Penned and tuned by Prince Mahmud, the song deals with the love for this life and the world and the people we love. Tanzir Tuhin did well with the vocal. Released under the label of Agneeveena, this one has been received well by the audience.

11Hoongkar – Aftermath

This track is from their debut album Jed, a track unleashing the wrath and anger of the generation regarding the mentality of women rape and offering the revenge on the culprits. With powerful lyrics and composition structure, this one is a must-listen. Produced in the Funkadelic Studio, this one is the one they’re gonna make big with.

10Sometime Again – Yaber Hasan

The third track from the “untitled EP” of Yaber Hasan. A post-rock instrumental that longs for something that was, in he hopes that, sometime again, things may be the same how they were. Mastered by HBA Saum, this track is one by which Yaber Hasan may claim that he’s gonna be one of the emerging young talents in Bangladesh music scenery.

9Bhoboghure – Popeye

So after a long break, Popeye is back with the new single. Penned and tuned by Popeye himself, the music arrangement was made by Promito Rahman. With a beautiful music video and wonderful lyrics, the song is a track not to miss. So check it out.

8Unproductive Day – Suicidal Pumpkin

The track from the upcoming album of the same name is the latest one they released. Wonderfully composed and tuned by Zobayer Tamim, this funky track is one you would love listening to. As the name suggests, this song you the reasons for procrastinating on winter midday. With a beautiful bassline and a catchy tune, this track made to the top list.

7Tomar Somadhi – Shibu Kumer Shill (ICT Division)

This song is included in the first feature-length animation film on Father of the Nation Sheikh Mujibur Rahman’s childhood, based on the book Sheikh Mujib Amar Pita by HPM Sheikh Hasina. The song was originally written by Gouriprasanna Majumdar, composed by Sudhin Dasgupta, tuned and sang by Shyamal Mitra for the film Antaral. This song is a rendition of the original song, with a melancholic ambient sound. Shibu Kumar Shil, the vocal of the band Meghdol, sang it wonderfully, with Rasheed Sharif Shoaib’s mastery with the guitar. Shourov Sarkar blew it away with his clarinet, a tribute song couldn’t be better than this.

Listen to the Songs: Release Register December 2020

6Ami Hariye Gechi – Bangal

The latest single from the band Bangal, with its powerful lyrics and tune, made to the top chart. Beautifully structured, this song deals with the oblivion of our own self in keeping up with the race we’re running. Beautifully penned by Rakib Shamsul Arefin and tuned by Imran Parvez Mamun, this track is a must-listen. Don’t miss the beautiful flute intro!

5Abaro Tomar Shohor – Wrivu and Safin

The title track from this duo’s first album and needless to say they just nailed it. Safin Sudipto, a student from the liberal arts faculty of the University of Dhaka, penned the simple yet magnificent words, rhyming them perfectly to coincide with the melancholic tune he created. Wrivu Mustafa, a student from the music faculty of the same university and frontman of the band Chitropot sang the words beautifully, just enough to give you the most melancholic vibe of the city monsoon. You can’t miss Wasif Nafis’ viola outro so that you can reminisce the city monsoon you once had!

4Ghum Ghum Drissho – Audeet

The first single of Audeet, a musician and poet from Mirpur, Dhaka. A melancholic psychedelic track expresses the solitude and the loneliness of this urban life. As his bio suggests, Audeet has been precise with the words, and not choosing the cliché, yet expressing what was needed. Saadman Matis has been good enough with the solo, you might feel a touch of Pink Floyd there, with Sarfuddin Rabbi, the ex-drummer of the band Shohojiya, has been so precise with the drumming, playing exactly what was needed. Produced by Jhir Jhir studio, this track is the one you would be listening to in the lonely winter nights. So check it out!

3Moonlight Spark – Rushlan

A beautiful blues track from the artist Rushlan Murshed, not the usual 12 bar blues, but a beautiful slow blues track running on 4/4 time signature. The lyrics have been beautifully penned by Shanil Chaudhury and it’s the credit of the artist to transform the poem into a beautiful song. The blues licks played throughout the song, along with the outro solo is something not to miss. Check it out!

2Ekta Bachur – Kafil Ahmed

The second track from the legendary artist’s upcoming untitled album. The music arrangement has been done by Rasheed Sharif Shoaib, ex-guitarist of Meghdol and the owner of Studio Cowbell where the audio production took place. The Lyrics, vocal and the composition have been arranged by Kafil Ahmed. An abstruse yet beautiful and artistic depiction of the civilizations, this song is a masterpiece.

1Yogi – Murshidabadi Project

Yogi is a collaboration where three artists, namely Arnob from Bangladesh, Nilanjan Banerjee, a poet and calligraphy artist from Santiniketan, India and Soumyadeep Sikdar Murshidabadi, came together at Nilanjan Banerjee’s studio, Kokoro, where they worked on Sant Kabir Das’ lyrics, a Sufi mystic poet and philosopher. The whole lyric is a thorough reflection of Sufism. The music, namely piano has been arranged by Arnob, with Nilanjan Banerjee the lyricist and the Soumyadeep Sikdar the vocal.

MuSophia’s Pick: Top Bangladeshi Songs of December 2020

Honourable Mentions

Only twelve tracks were not enough last month so we have added two more honourable mentions:

Dakabuko- Otolanto

The quarantine version of the song has been released in the past month. The band Otolanto has been prolific for the past couple of months. This track has been written by Saugata Druto, the vocalist of the band. A beautiful funky tune, and Druto did justice to the words. Recorded at the Chaka and FOC studio, this track is one we can’t resist putting it in the honourable mention list.

Signal – Petty Never Grew feat. Sarah Zaman

The band explored new sounds in this track, yet mastering with the sounds they’ve worked with. “Departing/Arrivals EP had two purposes. First, we wanted to leave our old sound behind and explore new horizons. Second, we always felt The Pink Album story can, and should, be told from the opposite perspective. To combine both of our purposes into one action, we asked Sarah to collaborate with us. The songs were re-engineered and collaborators were given the maximum liberty to belt out their best.”- this is what they express about their new EP and the song they’ve released.

Featured Image: Tanvir Ahmed Abir
This top chart is made among the Bangladeshi songs released in December 2020. Based on various criteria this selection has been done by Team MuSophia.
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