With five amazing numbers, we present you with the top songs of July. Listen-share-support Bengali bands and their music. Cheerz !!

MuSophia Top Pick is the Monthly Top Chart of Bangladeshi music. Here is last month’s top pick by Team MuSophia. This top chart is made among the Bangladeshi songs released in July

5Utshob – Shanil

The artist seems new to the scene yet he did well with the first released single. Though a lyrically weak number, what separates this track from the rest is the distinct vocal and the energy of the rock sound. Check it out.

4Bidrohi – Naïve

Naïve have been doing well in the music scene for some time, and they have released some back to back numbers. While the previous tracks were mostly melo-rock, this one is different from the previous tracks, so heavy and riff based. The title and lyrics hints at where the power generates from. The song deals with the rage and energy of the youth, and the track depicts that well.

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3Obonti – Jamil Siam

The name Jamil Siam is new in the music industry and this track is probably the maiden number the artist released. However he nailed it with the first release. The lyrics much influenced by the real life character-like elements, this track is a protest against the rape and consumerist mentality against women. The name Obonti represents the women in our society, suppressed by sex and violence.

2Petrichor – Bakhtiar Hossain

Bakhtiar Hossain, the front man of the band Bay of Bengal, has been doing personal tracks for quite a long time. His last guitar instrumental number, Glee, was a beautiful piece. The latest track Petrichor is awfully beautiful. The former number was on acoustic, while this latest track is completely an electrical guitar instrumental piece, harmonizing perfectly with the serenity of the music video. He’s really into great melodies. The track was composed, mixed and mastered by Bakhtiar himself at Studio Tint.

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1Hourglass – Embers in Snow

This young band has been prolific in the underground music scene for some time, and are one of the few bands which have been making pretty cool English songs with the suitable tune to lyrics and a more accurate pronunciation. Their last album Solstice has been well received by the listeners; truly it’s a new tune into the music scene. Now their latest track Hourglass is out and this time this is no exception. The lyrics have been wonderfully tuned with perfect pronunciation which does not sound weird and does not seem like stressing too much to put things together. A perfect soundtrack of melody with precision.

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Bangladeshi top chart july 2021

Featured Image: Tanvir Ahmed Abir
This top chart is made among the Bangladeshi songs released in July. Based on various criteria this selection has been done by Team MuSophia.
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