Not many Songs were released last month still we are back again with the Top pick. This time we have all new faces. Cheerz !!

MuSophia Top Pick is the Monthly Top Chart of Bangladeshi music. Here is last month’s top pick by Team MuSophia. This top chart is made among the Bangladeshi songs released in April. Have you listened to all these songs? If you haven’t, you should definitely check these out.

3Rewind – Liquid

This soulful ambient track takes the soul through a journey in space and time. The guitarists Ratul and Apurbo did really well to bring up the ambiance of this song, while the vocal Sourov Roy did well with the vocals. Don’t miss this number!

2Smooches – Tomay Prothom Dekhe

When it comes to creating new sounds, Smooches tops the list. This musical group has been prolific throughout the period, and they have been gifting us with songs that are totally different and unique from contemporary songs. This romantic track is the latest release from them and they have done pretty well with the sounds and videography, a classic 90s vibe they’ve brought through the camera. If you are sitting there stressed at your table, this track would be the perfect number to breakthrough.

1Dhrubo – Mukti

This beautiful melodic track from a very new face in the scene is a wonderful number with all its lyrics, tune, and composition. Mysticism-influenced lyrics deal with our consciousness where our every emotions and expectation arise with waves and sinks in, be it called god or consciousness or the omnipotent or the eternal self, that’s within each of us individuals. Penned, tuned, and composed by Dhrubo, this song tops last month’s release.

Top Bangladeshi song April 2020

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Featured Image: Tanvir Ahmed Abir
This top chart is made among the Bangladeshi songs released in April. Based on various criteria this selection has been done by Team MuSophia.
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