Rock band Introit, on June 11 evening, is going to release its debut single Je Gaaner Kono Nam Khuje Paini with a music video.

The debut music video screening would be followed by the band’s t-shirt launching ceremony at the capital’s Heavy Metal T-shirt Farmgate outlet.

Introit had performed this song at different gigs for the last two years.

Amid the pandemic, they made it to the studio and filmed the music video over a hectic schedule.

Shahan Kamal Uday, the vocalist of Introit explained how challenging things were for them. He said, “shooting the music video at Dhaka Dockyard in Keraniganj was not a piece of cake for us.”

The band members had to take all the shooting equipment-gears and props including sound setup to the other side of the river. Besides, they had to wrap up the shooting session within few hours.

Introit a shooting set. Esti, Uday, Opu and Tanjib (L).
Introit at shooting set. Esti, Uday, Opu and Tanjib (L).

This song tells the story of a psychologically ill boy hallucinating his girlfriend’s departed soul into delusive and self-destructive activities.

The band couldn’t come up with a suitable title for the song for its enigmatic nature and calls it Je Gaaner Kono Nam Khuje Paini.

The band’s very own composition Je Gaaner Kono Nam Khuje Paini has been penned by Uday. Tuned by Uday and Tanjib, it has been recorded and mixed-mastered by Raihan Mahbub Rasha at Studio Hungry Dog,

The music video has been directed and edited by Jakaria Hasan from Lazy Cat Films.
After the screening, Je Gaaner Kono Nam Khuje Paini music video would be available at band Introit’s Youtube channel and the song would be available on different audio streaming platforms including Spotify, Deezer, and iTunes.

Introit is a Dhaka University (DU) based band formed in 2018. The band represented DU at Joy Bangla Concert 2020. The members of the band are – Shahan Kamal Uday (vocal and guitar), Saidul Haque Tanjib (guitar and backup vocal), Ramanuj Chakrabarty Opu (drums), Esti Imam (Bass Guitar).

Featured Image: Introit
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