Music is a form of art that has so much influence on human life. At MuSophia, we see through the lens of music. It’s not just mere entertainment to us because music itself is complete, music is life. On this music day, we wanted to know from some of our beloved musicians what music is to them. We asked them three simple questions- What music means to you? What’s it in music that attracts you most? And, what would you choose to be if not a musician?

Mohammed Shoeb

Mohammed Shoeb of Gaan Pagol

Classical musician, vocalist of the band Gaan Pagol and Dept. Of Music Lecturer at the University of Dhaka, Mohammed Shoeb said, “Music is a prayer, way towards salvation; a pathway towards God; a form of purity and a complete lifestyle itself.

He loves The depth of emotions in the horizon of classical music, it’s the root of all forms of music. Its ability to express various states of the human mind, even a sudden small glimpse of human emotions can be elaborated, stretched, and performed through this form of music. That’s what attracts him most.

I would have probably died if I were not a musician.Mohammed Shoeb

Tonmoy Tansen

Tonmoy Tansen of Vikings

To Tonmoy Tansen, the vocalist of Vikings, music is a combination of the soul and the entity. He loves the language of music which is universal. If not a musician he would be a smuggler.

Rajeeb Ahmed Raju

Rajeeb Ahmed Raju of Sohojia

To Raju, the vocalist of the band Shohojia music is a carrier of feelings and thoughts. What is loves most about music is that it’s a form that can be shared easily. If he was told he can’t be a musician anymore he would be a cinematographer.

Mahaan Fahim

Mahaan Fahim

Fingerstyle guitar pioneer of the country, guitarist of the band Nonta Biskut and Aurthohin, Mahaan Fahim said, “For me, music is a journey; a never-ending one. I learn, I share, I fail, I get hurt, I wake up and stand again, and at the end of the day I wanted to say what I believe what I have to say….. .”

He loves the endless possibilities in music. He thinks we can do music in a thousand ways. When asked what about not being a musician he said, “I would be a Magician. I really like watching magic tricks.”

Sina Hasan

Sina Hasan of Bangla Five

Sina Hasan, vocalist of the band Bangla Five thinks, “Music is an expression of feelings. Head to toe, our full body responses when we listen to any music. This connection is very spiritual; I love to feel it again and again.” If not music he would be a writer.

Interview: Sanjay Das
Featured Image: Tanvir Ahmed Abir
Photos: Facebook
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