A group of culturally active students from the University of Dhaka (DU) is going to arrange, Concert Against Violence, an awareness-building and protest concert, at the pedestal of Raju Bhashkarjo in DU’s TSC on Friday (Oct 22).

In the context of the ongoing attacks and violence on Hindu temples and villages across the country, the students of DU, their own way, wanted to protest through the cultural forms of expression like music, mime, dance etc. and that’s how the concert came up, said the organising students.

Himadri Bapon, one of the organisers said that Bangladesh being a land of multi-culture and festivals, there is no space for communal violence. “This land has always belonged to the people of different communities, religions, and tribes; communal harmony is the key to peace here.”

The incidents we have witnessed in the last few days have badly affected this harmony. We, in our own way, are protesting such barbarous acts, he added.

The concert is set to start at 2:30 pm. Along with the students, artists, musicians and bands of DU, some of the country’s most renowned bands and artists will be performing at this open-air concert. The concert lineup includes- Shironamhin, Meghdol, Shohojia, Shohortoli, Bangla Five, Gaanpoka, Gaankobi, Krishnopokkho, Kaal, Oblique, Orjon, Ossrik, Bunoful, Joy Shahriar, Tuhin Kanti Das, Nayeen Mahmud, Piyanka Pandey, Jash Namudar, Uday, Opu, Upay, Onindo. Theatrical and other performances will be done by Somobeto, Dhaka University Mime Action, Ummeh Habiba and Abu Ibn Rafi.

The organizers have called on people from all walks of life to join this event and together stand against the violence.

Featured Image: DU students (organisers)
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