MuSophia Top Pick is the Monthly Top Chart of Bangladeshi music. Here is last month’s top pick by Team MuSophia. This top chart is made among the Bangladeshi song released in September. Have you listened to all these songs? If you haven’t, you should definitely check these out.

5Unholy Tales of Adam and Lilith – The Circus Police

A rock track, by the band Circus Police. Full of sexual allusions by the biblical character Adam and Lilith, the first woman character by Jewish mythology. Lilith is normally portrayed as a rebel character, who defied god just because she wanted to have sex her own way. This rock track portrays the sexual allusions between these two characters. The track is heavily guitar-driven, Tanjib Chowdhury has done a brilliant job with the strings here. The track comprises something a rock track needs to have.

4Ami Bristi Hoye- Alice and the Drunkard

Duos are doing great in the current music scene, creating some exceptional music, as The Dads, The Rehman Duo, and Alice and the Drunkard is no exception. Saugata Druto and Nivedita Alice both students of Dhaka University formed up this duo, and this has been their 2nd original track released. The wordings and the tune of this song by the couple have been beautiful. Sauagata Druto is a prolific musician, working both on a solo project and with a band, and Nivedita Alice sang both her part and the harmonic one wonderfully, giving the feel the song wanted, the urge to meet our loved ones in the city rain.

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3Ashor- The Rehman Duo

The Rehman Duo has been in the spotlight since they released a cover version of Artcell number Obosh Onuvutir Deyal. Since then, they have been making good music, both original and cover ones. This track, penned together by Ruslan and Rubayat, is their 2nd original number released. The tune and harmonics by this duo have been excellent throughout the song. Our eternal hope and resilience in the midst of all the past pains and sufferings, which are unchangeable, has been echoed throughout the song.

2Venge Poro Na Evabe – Pritom Hasan

Based on a story of an elder brother losing his loving sister, this track is one of the best works from Pritom Hasan by far. Words penned by Rakib Hasan and Pritom Hasan jointly, and tunes and sang by Pritom Hasan, this doleful number has been streamed and shared thousands of times and has been covered by many as a trend just days after being released.

1Afeenolove – Dads in the park

The Dads have been making quality music since releasing their debut single Lullaby. Afeenolove, a term for “I feel no love”, as the rock duo said in an interview with MuSophia, is their 3rd single released last month. A rock track, influenced by indie alternative sounds, has been received well both by listeners and fans alike. The music video has hints of references of Alter Bridge and other things, as this has been the current trend in music video production.

Featured Image: Tanvir Ahmed Abir
This top chart is made among the Bangladeshi songs released in September. Based on various criteria this selection has been done by Team MuSophia.
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