July has been a prolific month in Bangladeshi music scenery, with more than 30 tracks and a full album released. Among the releases last month some of the tracks come with a top-notch sound. There have been songs from every possible genre, from raw tunes of rock to more electronic rock tunes, from EDM to pop to some blues and jazzy tunes. It’s really tough to pick the top ten among these amazing tracks. What other songs do you think could have been in this top chart?

Here’s MuSophia Top Picks of July ̶

10XenocrysT – Mental Asylum

There has been growing concern over the mental health of the current generation, with the young minds deciding suicide as the solution to the deteriorating mental health they possess. This track, a melodic death metal number, focuses on the atmosphere we live in when we are in a depression state. The frontman, Tanvir Shuvo did a fine job on the vocal with the instrumentation backing the words well, depicting the harrowing experience one goes through in frustration.

9Smooches – Disco In The Dark

The good thing about the current music scene is that there have been some works from every possible genre; it’s not just piling up some mediocre rock songs with cliché words. This track is pop number, tuned specially for a dance vibe, thus reconciling perfectly with the name. Smooches have been making some pop tracks for over a period of few months, and they nailed with this one.

8Joy Shahriar – Kaakbheja

Joy Shahriar has been a growing name in the music industry. He’s released two tracks last month. Kaakbheja was originally released in his 2014 third studio album Thik Ebhabei. This time it comes with a music video. This one a jazzy tune, with saxophone and jazzy licks, is the song you want to hear in this late monsoon. He’s done well in mingling eastern tune with the jazzy flavor of the west.

7Habib Wahid – Bondhu Rey

Habib Wahid, a renowned name in the country’s music scene made an amazing fusion with EDM music in Bondhu Rey. It’s his signature style to work with the folk tunes and turn them into something new with his EDM style. He has released two songs last month, with this one-topping the list.

6Oblique – Asshashon

Oblique’s latest track Asshashon’s video was produced in the quarantine period. They came up with a beautiful concept of the music video. The idea was to gather videos of their activities in the quarantine, from their listeners. Pretty much like that of Pratik Kuhad’s Kasoor music video. With R Bashar Lisan singing out the sweet melodies and Ridwan Mahmud with the tunes and words, drumming precise but perfect like their most other tracks.

Listen to All These Songs & More: Release Register July 2020

5Sector 2.0 – Moho

As our life evolves, we grow out to be infatuated by the different aspects of life, from sex, drugs to the very concept of accumulating wealth. This idea is very profoundly depicted by the words of the song and its bluesy tune. The animated music video of the song reconciles perfectly with the song concept. This beautiful song has all its power in the bass lines, drumming, and riffs. Check it out.

4Revolutus – Notun Surjo

Notun Shurjo, A very politically conscious song by Revolutus from their debut album Gonotantrik Shikol (2017) was released as a single music video last month. Penned by the frontman and vocalist Tapesh Chakroborty, this song reminds us of the tyranny and violence in the country. The heavy sounds and perfect vocal take made this song a must-listen.

3Biggapon Biroti – Babylon Nogori

A love song, with its poetic lyrics, historical allusions, and a melancholic tune is something out of the box. Unlike typical love songs, ranting about heartbreaks and cliché word selection, the frontman Farhad Meghnad did quite a good job with beautiful words and Arefin Nipun nailing it with instrumental support, making the song a treat to the ears. Shironamhin fans might smell of the old classic Shironamhin vibe in this song.

2Headline – Take it easy

The band Headline has released the debut single Take it easy last month. It’s to be included in their album Basically | Honestly | Literally. Influenced by the sounds of Kings of Leon, they’ve managed to bring out their own sounds in this track. The gradual transformation in the song is something to check out. From a straight beat rock song gradually evolving into a funky groove and nice little drum fills, give the song an ecstatic tune.

1Embers in Snow – Ziva

Embers in Snow released their album Solstice on 25th of July, comprising of ten tracks. With its ambient trance and pop like structure, their soothing sounds have made a mark in the music scene. Every song in this album is up to the mark, but this track with its more experimental tune and soothing sounds structure tops the list. The composition is a combination of poetry and song. It was originally released in 2019 EP, This Is Us.

Featured Image: Tanvir Ahmed Abir
This top chart is made among the Bangladeshi songs released in July. Based on various criteria this selection has been done by Team MuSophia.
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